The essences that make "Minceur 2011" up, a complete range of paraben free slimming products, are coming from the nature.

The 11 skillfully combined essential oils act on several troubles as cellulite, orange peel, riding breeches, overweight and heavy legs.

Thanks to plants virtues, the actives principles regulate the organism, help in blood circulation and in toxins elimination. As from the first "Minceur 2011" care, the body is firmed up and shaped, the skin is hydrated and softened. For a slender, smooth and perfect skin.

The principle?

The synergy of the essential oils of Minceur 2011 will act as a real player in the basic metabolism: cell burning, toxins elimination, significant action on the cellulite problems.

From the first session, take advantage of the efficiency of this body wrap care associated to the manual lymphatic drainage virtues.

For lasting results, use the associated care products: the svelte cream Acquiform, the Jouvence Bath and the Concentrate Svelte-Figure-Firmness.


  • Detoxify and combat effectively the cellulite.
  • Activation of blood circulation (heavy legs).
  • Hydrate, soften and make the skin more attractive.


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