The Biopeeling from 2B is a manual, natural herbal peel/microdermabrasion for skin improvement.

2B BIO PEELING TREATMENT 60 minutes - € 69

The skin is deeply purified, cellular metabolism is reactivated and skin tension is strengthened from within. 

Dilated pores become smoother, pigmentation spots are reduced, wrinkles and fine lines fade and scars are reduced.

This treatment is always performed in course - 5 treatments - 1 treatment per week + mandatory personalized skin care package to continue the treatment at home.


- quick pick-me-up,

- treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, - pigmentation,

- scars,

- Dull skin (smokers),

- oily skin, acne prone

- stretch marks

The natural ingredients in 2B Bio Peeling initiate the peeling process, which reactivates the cell metabolism (mitosis).


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