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How does it work?

Q-switched Nd Yag laser will effectively smash pigments by the photo-thermolysis principle: the high energy produced by the laser is emitted instantly, so that laser beams with a fixed wavelength can penetrate the epidermis into pathologically changed tissues within a certain working time (12ns), and quickly smash corresponding pigments, which expand rapidly and explode instantly due to extreme heat. A part of the pigment cluster (on the surface of the epidermis) pops out of the body, a part of the pigment cluster (inside basal tissues) are smashed into fine particles that can be devoured by macrophages, while some dirt and cuticle remaining on skin epidermis are smashed and decomposed by the principle of active carbon explosion.  Afterwards they are digested by macrophages, and finally expelled out of the body via the circulation of the human lymphatic system, thus the pigments in the pathologically changed tissues will fade out and disappear gradually. And yet no damage will be done to the normal skin tissues in the vicinity since they do not absorb laser beams with a certain wavelength.  

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments required depends on the type of ink and colors used in the tattoo, the depth in the skin layer and how your body/skin recovers.

Dark colored and older tattoos respond well.  With red and green/green-blue colors the result is various.  Yellow and white cannot be treated.

A good aftercare is important during recovery. 

How often do I have to come back.

We advise to leave 8 till 12 weeks during each session.  That way your skin can get enough time for the healing process.  

Which after-care?

Immediately after the treatment the skin can be a little bit swollen and the treatment area can become "white".  This is a normal skin reaction and lasts a few minutes up till one hour.  Blisters or scabs can be formed.  

After the treatment flamigel or aloe-gel is applied.  This bandage u need to replace the first week at least twice a day.  The second and third week it is sufficient to apply the flamigel or aloe-gel morning and evenings without bandage. If there are scabs, you may not remove the scabs before the fall off naturally or scars can be formed.  

No contact with water or sauna on the treated area the first week after.

Underneath the shower you can cover the area with a transparent plastic sticker (polyurethane) with a sufficient amount of flamigel or aloe-gel on the tattoo, that the stickers doesn’t keep sticking in the tattoo (first week)

Am I allowed to go in the sun?

Avoid the sun on the treated area until 2 months after the treatment.  If you have booked several treatments we advise to avoid sun during that time.


Until 2 cm²    25 euro

Until 5 cm²    50 euro

Until 10 cm²  70  euro

Until 15 cm²  75 euro           

Until 20 cm²   85 euro

Until 25cm²   100 euro

Until 30cm²   110 euro         

Until 35 cm²   120 euro

As from 35 cm²  feel free to contact us for an exact price.

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